Pricing Info & FAQ's

- 6-month commitment (cancellation fee for early cancellation)

​- 1 flat rate per month based on how often you want to train per week

- $99 p/month for 1 session per week

- $199 p/month for 2 sessions per week

- $299 p/month for 3 sessions per week

Flexible Option

Pricing Info

Pricing Info & FAQ's

Q: Let's be real...can I afford it?

A: Yes. We never let finances be something that stops someone from working with our trainers. Obviously finances are a factor, but whether your train 1x a month or 4x a week, we make sure your plan fits your needs and meets 3 criteria: Affordable, Realistic, & Effective.


- Pay per session​

- Sessions don't expire

- $40 p/session for 1/1 training

- $30 p/session for 2/1 training (you and a friend!) 

​Q: How does the APEX method work?

A: We start with a free consultation, to learn not just your goals but what you hope working with a trainer can do for you. Together we will build a monthly plan that is optimal for your results, based on your schedule, ability, goals, and finances. From there you will experience the best personal training...period. Monthly re-assessments ensure your success by keeping everything in focus and on track, and taking each month as it comes. 

Discount Option

We offer 2 options to fit every persons needs. Check below!

All plans include:

- Full Monthly Program (we provide all your workouts/instruction for each day!)

- Nutritional Guidance

​- Monthly Re-Assessments

​- Membership Rewards